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How to Write Engaging Emails that Get Opened and Read

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How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas

How to Build Trust, Relationship, and Value with Your List

Subject Line Templates / Examples to Get High Open Rates

Learn the Power of Story Telling to Get Leads Hooked In and Interested In What You Have to Say

Discover Profitable Email Examples that Really Work!

Here is What You Will Learn on this Masterclass:

Email Marketing is a CRUCIAL part of any business. This is how you are going to build up trust and relationship with your leads. As the trust process is built you can start to pitch affiliate products to them and start generating sales by sending out emails...I will show you some of the EXACT email sequences I use that generated me TONS of commissions and sales. 

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Here is Exactly What Chad Will Be Going
​​​​​​​Over On This Masterclass:

How to Come Up with Unlimited Engaging Content for Your Emails 

How to Use the "P.S." Section Effectively to Get 5% More Clicks and Traffic

How to Always Come Up with Good Content Ideas for Your Email Even if You Can't Think of Anything

How to Leverage Story Telling to Properly Engage and Sell ANY Product

How to Build Up Trust, Relationship, and Value Through Your Emails to the Point Where People Will Want to Buy from You

Examples of Profitable Emails that Get REAL Results

How to Hook People Into Your Emails to Make Them Read Your Email and Click Your Links!

How to Come Up with Subject Lines that Get Opened with Examples / Templates You Can Use

How to Get Your First 1,000 Emails Using Nothing but Free Organic Traffic

Ways to Avoid Hitting the Spam / Promotion Box (I will show you words / phrases to avoid that trigger the email as spam

How to Get a Domain and Professional Email and Sender Name 

How to Collect Leads Using Automated Systems and Funnels 

​​​​​​​What Email Marketing Is and Why Everyone MUST Have It In Their Business

After This Training You Will Know... 

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Meet Your Host: Chad Bartlett

He is a full-time online marketer and affiliate marketer for the past 2 years. His main focus has been on email marketing, funnels, and video marketing.

He has been able to build a multiple 5 figure email list in just under a year and monetize it to over 6 figures from affiliate marketing and a few digital products.

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How to Properly Generate and Attract Targeted Leads into Your Funnel  

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How to Make Your First Dollar to 6 Figures Online with Email Marketing

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BONUS: Receive a Plug and Play Done for You Affiliate Marketing Funnel You Can Implement with Your Email Marketing Right Away!

The Email Marketing Masterclass is an In Depth, Step by Step Email Marketing Training, Showing You How to Eliminate Your Confusion and Will Walk You Through Exactly How to Have Rapid Success with Email Marketing

Exclusive Email Marketing Masterclass!

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